Daddy Teaches His Adorable Little Girl Mealtime Manners

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Teaching a child how to be polite is one of the most important things a parent can do regardless of how young they are. This dad gets it, so take a look at how his baby girl learns manners.

It is time for breakfast! And little Nova is sitting on her daddy's lap waiting to eat. Her daddy is holding a bowl of polenta to feed her and boy, Nova sure can't wait for her meal.

Her daddy would give her a spoon full of her food and she would smack her lips in delight. Now that Nova can talk a little bit, her daddy is making sure that she knows how to be polite when it is time to eat. And this is the perfect time to do so.

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Nova can't feed herself, but she can ask for what she would like to have. And Daddy is teaching her how to use her manners by saying "please" and "thank you". Between each bite he gives to his little girl, he makes sure she said "more please" when she wants more and "thank you" after taking a bite.

Nova is so adorable, so I know it has got to be hard to tell her "no". But Daddy is sticking to his guns. He will not let her have another bite of food until she says, "more please". At first, it looks like Nova did not get what was going on. But with just a few more tries, the precious little girl knew to repeat after her Daddy. She may still need a little reminder, but with just a little more consistency, she will have her manners down in no time!

WATCH: Baby Girl Learns Manners From Daddy

Credit: Rumble/kissmy_freckles

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