Identical Twin Sisters Interact For The Very First Time

godupdates twin girls first time interacting

It is these twin girls first time interacting with each other and their mommy caught it on video. And it is the cutest thing in the world!

One thing I cannot get enough of is baby videos! And in this one, we get double the cuteness because a mama of twins caught her twin baby girls having some bonding time. There's no bond greater than a bond between a set of twins.

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The 3-month-old twin sisters are laying on their blankey, sharing some quality time. Clearly, these two have spent lots of time loving on each other since day one. But for the very first time they truly seem to understand who the other person is. It looks as though they are familiarizing themselves with each other from when they were together before they were born. The identical twins are grabbing each other's noses and hands. They are truly exploring each other and it is stunning.

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It is the most adorable thing! They are cooing and giggling at each other. And they are so adorable dressed in their purple and pink onesies. No one else may be able to understand what the two of them are saying, but they seem to know exactly what each other is thinking and trying to communicate.

They are going to be the best of friends. And you can tell that this is just the beginning of a lifetime adventure filled with a bunch of girl talks and tea parties. What a beautiful bond they are forming. Who else was mesmerized by this precious moment?

WATCH: Twin Girls First Time Interacting With Each Other

Credit: Rumble/AndreaCochran

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