Baby Teaches 9 and 10 Year Old Students A Valuable Lesson About Bullying

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Who would have thought a baby could teach a valuable life lesson to children and adults. But a seven-month-old baby teaches students how to relate to each other and it is such a valuable lesson.

Even though Naomi is seven-months-old, she has a very important job. Her job is to teach 9 and 10-year-old students a valuable life lesson. She does not teach with using her words, but by showing children how to relate to her.

Roots of Empathy is a program that was started to educate children on how to relate to each other. The goal is to create a more peaceful and civil society and to prevent bullying in schools. The program is centered around an instructor teaching the children about infant development. Children would interact with the baby and watch how she responds to them during their class.

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Babies may not have been on this earth for long, but a baby like Naomi can give us a lesson that takes some people a lifetime to learn. And that lesson we all should learn is how to be empathic towards each other.

It is so important to understand how someone may feel. A baby requires such a level of empathy that humans still need as we continue to experience life. A baby teaches us what it truly means to be vulnerable and that is so important for children to learn.

When a baby cries, we try to figure out why and bring comfort. When a baby is angry, we try to analyze why. That level of awareness towards humans should not stop just because we have reached a certain age. We should continue to give that level of care and make each other feel a sense of belonging.

The students of Roots of Empathy become very aware of human emotions. They learn how to articulate their own feelings and that helps for great communication. Who thinks she’s the cutest teacher around?

WATCH: Seven-Month-Old Baby Teaches Students About Empathy

Credit: Facebook/BBC News

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