Rude Stranger Tells Mom She Should Get Rid Of Cute Identical Twins With Down Syndrome

cute identical twins with downs

Mom Savannah Combs jumped in to defend her cute identical twins after a stranger rudely commented about how it would have been better to get rid of them because the girls were born with Down Syndrome. But Savannah knows her girls are a blessing and had the best response!

When Savannah Combs became pregnant, she quickly discovered her pregnancy was special. For starters, she was having mono-di twins, meaning the babies would have their own sacs but would share the placenta. And that meant they would be identical.

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Mono-di twins are already very rare. But on top of that, after their birth, Savannah discovered these cute identical twins shared something else in common. Both were born with Down Syndrome, sometimes called Downs.

“Mo-di twins as it is, it's like very rare. And then you throw Down syndrome on top of it, it's like one in 2 million,” the mom explained. “It's very rare what they have, but they've been my little gems.”

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Savannah Combs had no idea during her pregnancy that her cute identical twins would be born with Downs. However, the diagnosis changed nothing about how this mother felt about her baby girls, Kennadi Rue and Mckenli Ackerman.

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“I was going to love you just the way you were,” the proud mama explained.

Like most proud parents, Savannah shares photos and updates about her two little miracles on social media. She especially hopes to inspire others and to remind the world that persons with Down Syndrome shouldn’t be treated as anything less than the blessing they are.

Mom Stands Up For Cute Identical Twins With Downs

While most of the feedback Savannah receives about her cute identical twins is positive, she still receives the occasional cruel remark. Sometimes people just can’t hold back on giving their opinion.

“I wouldn't want those babies,” one person couldn’t resist commenting. “If mine came out like that they would be straight up for adoption.”

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But Savannah Combs had the perfect reply for this rather rude statement.

“Dood thing they weren't born to you and were born to me. God knew what he was doing by giving these babies to the right parents who would love them regardless,” she replied.

Savannah is exactly right! God doesn’t make mistakes. He gave Kennadi and Mckenli a purpose! Just because these cute identical twins were born “different,” it doesn’t make them any less valuable or loved.

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"They have feelings, they have a beating heart, they know how to talk. They know how to do things you do — they will get there. Like I said, it may be a step behind but they're going to do it,” Savannah said.

Amen, Savannah! These precious angels serve as a reminder that just because someone may have special needs doesn’t mean they should be treated differently.

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You can keep up with Kennadi Rue and Mckenli either on TikTok or Facebook.

WATCH: Cute Identical Twins With Downs


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