Precious Quadruplets Cannot Stop Hugging Each Other

godupdates adorable quadruplets sharing goodnight hugs

Bedtime can be a fun event, especially for these adorable quadruplets sharing goodnight hugs. And it is the cutest thing.

Having twins means double the fun. But this family has quadruplets. So that means all the more fun and four times the amount of love! Abigail, Emily, Grace, and McKayla are all identical. They have identical features with just the right amount of love and affection to match.

It was night time and the four beauties were dressed in their pink and white pajamas. It was time for them to go to bed. In the usual routine, everyone begins to exchange hugs and kisses. The sweet babies took turns to hug each other.

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The four girls took turns to and made sure everyone got a hug. They would give one sister a tight squeeze and then move on to the next sister. They did this over and over again. And they could not get enough!

They were so eager to show each other love and affection. And there was enough to go around. It is so adorable how they grab each other and give each other a continuous pat on the back. It was so cute!

They are filled with so much glee, just look at those smiles! You can tell that they have a special bond. I am sure they bring so much joy and happiness to their family. Who else could watch this snuggle fest over and over?

WATCH: Adorable Quadruplets Sharing Goodnight Hugs Before Bed

Credit: Youtube/USA Today

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