Quadruplets Greet Their Daddy In The Most Adorable Way

godupdaates 11-month-old quadruplets greet daddy

This daddy is in for a very special welcome when he comes home. His 11-month-old quadruplets greet their daddy in the most adorable way.

The 11-month-old quadruplets are playing on the floor with their toys. When all of a sudden, they hear a very familiar sound. It's daddy!

They did not see his face yet, but they just knew that it was him who was coming in the house. The four loving babies were so excited and squealed because they were about to see their daddy!

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They giggle and then race each other to the gate. They looked so adorable crawling as fast as they could to see daddy as soon as he walked around the corner. The precious quadruplets giggled and laughing as soon as they the see their daddy's face. The held on to the gate to stand up and try to reach for daddy standing at the gate.

These babies love their daddy very much. And you can tell by how quickly they responded to the sound of his voice. They were jumping up and down when they reached the gate.

It is so precious! What a better way to come home than to be greeted by four precious babies. I know this daddy sure does feel all the love. Imagine how fast they will run to him when they are old enough to walk!

WATCH: 11-Month-Old Quadruplets Greet Daddy

Credit: Rumble/AmberSawver

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