Couple Plays Hilairious Egg Roulette To Announce The Gender Of Their Baby

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Gender reveals are so exciting! And couples have gotten really creative with how they want to announce the gender of their baby. This clever pair even decided to do an egg roulette gender reveal!

Dallen and Molli are going to have their first baby. They are so excited to find out the gender. They loved Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake's egg roulette game, so they decided to incorporate that into their gender reveal party.

The point of the game is to find out which egg out of the 12-hardboiled egg is raw by smashing it against your forehead. Dallen and Molli had 6 blue eggs and 6 pink eggs. The color of the raw egg is the one that represents the gender of the baby.

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After waiting for months, everyone can't wait to find out the gender. They have their cameras rolling, ready for the big moment! So, the couple began picking up an egg and smashing it against their forehead. The anticipation and suspense are building up. The couple continues to take turns to hit eggs against their forehead one at a time. Everyone is laughing so hard at there reactions. It is so hilarious.

And then finally there was one blue and one pink egg left. The daddy-to-be grabbed the blue egg and the mommy-to-be grabbed the pink one. And on a count to three, they smashed the eggs to their heads at the same time. And Molli's egg was the one that was raw! It is a girl!

The proud parents hugged each other while everyone clapped in excitement. A new princess is joining the family! And everyone could not be more excited.

WATCH: Egg Roulette Gender Reveal

Credit: Youtube/Dallen Reber

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