Couple Plays Exciting Hard-Boiled Egg Gender Reveal Game

godupdates hard-boiled egg gender reveal

You have got to see this hard-boiled egg gender reveal. It was the most exciting gender reveals I have seen yet!

This couple is pregnant with a baby and it is time to announce the reveal the gender of the baby. The couple does not even know what the gender is, so they did a hardboiled egg gender reveal game. And it was full of suspense.

Their family and friends are all there, watching the couple as they hit blue and pink hardboiled eggs against their foreheads. They started out taking turns grabbing eggs. The suspense was building as everyone in the room was screaming out their votes. Everyone was so anxious, and the room was filled with so much excitement.

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"Come on blue!", a loved one shouted whenever one of the parents-to-be picked up an egg. You could hear that the most popular vote was for the baby to be a boy. And whenever they did not get a raw egg, the whole room gave a resounding "aw" in unison. It was so funny!

The couple went through a whole carton of hardboiled eggs and none of them had a raw egg inside. But then there was a final pack. And after just two rounds, they found the raw egg. The mommy-to-be had the winning egg. And it was a blue egg. She was so happy, that she jumped up and down, screaming with excitement.

WATCH: Exciting Hard-boiled Egg Gender Reveal Game

Credit: Youtube/RM Videos

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