Sick Little Girl Is Comforted By Her Big Brother At The Doctor’s Office

This big brother comforts his little sister at the doctor's office and it will melt your heart. If you have an older brother, you know that nothing compares to the love the two of you share.

Having a big brother can make life a whole lot easier. Especially when he is there to comfort you when you're sick. Big brothers are always there to give cuddles and attention when mommy and daddy have their hands tied.

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John is one of those big brothers who are quick to lend a loving hand. His baby sister Clara is not feeling so well so she had to go to the doctor for a checkup. Doctor visits are not always fun, especially for little ones. So, Clara needed some tender care and comfort while they were at the doctor's office.

Thank goodness her big brother was there. He sat down, and she crawled into his lap. His arms were wrapped around her and he rocked her back and forth.

You can tell that Clara has all of the peace in the world. You can tell that he loves her so much and wants to see her feeling better. She looks so comforted by her big brother. It is the most precious thing!

WATCH: Big Brother Comforts His Little Sister

Credit: AlltheMoms

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