Older Brother Hilariously Helps His Brother Learn How To Sit

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Dog training takes a lot of patience and persistence, especially when you are teaching a dog how to sit. But it is so fun to reward them when they did a good job.

Most dog owners use treats to reward their dogs when they obey the command to sit. And that is what is happening in this video. You have got to see it.

Jet is learning how to sit but he is not quite getting it. His mommy is using treats to reward him every time he sits when she tells him to. But Jet is more fascinated by the treats. He is not understanding that he will get his tasty treat after he sits down when he is commanded to.

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His older brother Rufus is there to participate in the training too. Rufus already knows how to sit, but he has a hidden agenda. He is just there for the treats! So, he is also sitting right next to jet in front of their mom. Every time Jet gets a treat, Rufus is given one too. But Jet seems to be holding things up. He just would not sit! He is wagging his tail, walking around in circles, sniffing for a treat.

So, Rufus decided to give Jet a little help. Whenever their owner would tell Jet to sit, Rufus would push Jet's back with his paw so that he knows to sit down. It was so funny! Their owners could not believe it! It was so funny to watch a dog do that.

Rufus wanted his treat as fast as he could get it. He was going to make sure Jet did not get in the way of that! And sure enough, when Rufus would place his hand on Jet's back, Jet would sit down and everyone got a treat! What good boys!

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Credit: Facebook/The Dodo

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