A Pig Saw That His Brother Could Not Get His Own Food, So He Brought The Food To Him

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Someone caught a pig sharing his lunch with his brother on video and it can teach us a valuable lesson. The way that animals treat each other can be a lesson to teach us how we should treat each other also.

It's lunchtime and the hay is spread out across the fields for the farm animals to be able to eat. All of the animals ran out to get their share. Well, everyone except for Horton. Horton is a pig who has limited mobility. So, while everyone else is able to get food for themselves, he ca not.

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But thankfully Horton has someone on his side. That is when his loving brother Henry rus out to get some hay for Horton. Instead of standing out in the pastures to eat the food and fill himself up first, he took some back to his brother. He then rolled hay in ball that was big enough to share. Then he ran back to the shed that Horton was in and shared a meal with him. And the two of them stood in the shed and ate their meal side by side.

What a sweet, thoughtful pig! It was so cute to watch how he shared and helped his brother in his time of need. And really isn’t that what life is all about? We can learn a valuable lesson through these two pigs. Who else is really glad we got to see this inspiring moment?

WATCH: Pig Sharing Food With His Brother

Credit: Facebook/The Gentle Barn Tennessee

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