These Animals Are Rescuing Each Other And It Is Incredible

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It is so amazing at how animals have a natural instinct to help each other out when they are in a time of need. God really made these creatures with a unique sense of compassion and we get to watch a few scenarios in this powerful video of animals saving each other.

In the video, an orangutan saw a baby bird in a pond. The poor baby bird was struggling so the orangutan came to the rescue! At first, he tried to use a leaf to scoop the little bird up but that did not work. Then he gently grabbed the baby bird out of the water. He sat with his new friend a little while to make sure that he was okay.

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Then a tortoise somehow managed to flip on its back. Good thing he had he friend right there to help him get back on his feet. That's what friends are for, right?! And we can forget about a man's best friend! A dog saw a deer drowning in the ocean. He quickly swam out to sea to get him. With the encouragement of his owner, he managed to get the deer to the shore just in time! He saved the deer's life!

Though elephants are amongst one of the largest animals, they are not too big to escape a little bit of chaos. A baby elephant fell in a ditch and was having such a hard time to get out. He kept trying and trying, but nothing was working. That's when a bigger elephant saw him and came to help him out!

The same thing happened to a baby kitten! He fell into a ditch and could not jump high enough to get out. But if it was not for his mama, he would not have been rescued! She jumped into the ditch and carried him away. These rescues are seriously incredible!

WATCH: These Animals Saving Each Other

Credit: Youtube/The Dodo

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