A Little Brother Sang A Song At His Brother’s Funeral And It Was Beautiful

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We never know when our lives will end on this Earth, but what people have to say about us after we are no longer here, says a lot about the quality of the lives we lived. And in this video, you can see how an older brother touched so many lives when his little brother sang a beautiful song at his funeral.

When this young man’s 24-year-old big brother tragically died he knew he wanted to do something special to honor his brother. So, at his brother’s funeral, this young man sang a very special version of ‘You Raise Me Up’ by Josh Groban. And it was the most beautiful and touching rendition I have ever heard.

The song alone has such an amazing message, but it has a so much more meaning when it is a dedication to a dear brother. He added his own verse to the song as a special tribute to how his older brother has always been there for him and things will not be the same without him.

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That verse really does show how noble his late brother's character was and the bond the two of them shared with each other. There was not a dry eye in the room. The little brother tried to hold back his tears, but towards the end of the song, you can hear his voice quiver.

The loss of a loved one is very painful, especially when it is a sibling. But having sweet memories helps make the following days a little brighter. What a beautiful way to remember a life taken so young. Our prayers are with this grieving family!

WATCH: Little Brother Sang At Big Brother’s Funeral

Credit: Rumble/YvonnePetersen

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