Husband Surprised Wife And Renovated Their Bedroom When She Was Away

godupdates fully renovated bedroom for wife

Wouldn't you love to go out of town for the weekend and return home to a fully renovated bedroom? Oh, my word, I know I would!

Mile's gets all of the brownie points for pulling off a surprise this extravagant! His wife, Kate, was out of town for the weekend and he was left alone with the house and their three children. Since she was going to be away all weekend, he wanted to do something so nice for her.

Now, when daddy is left to watch the kids all alone, some moms expect to come back to a messy home and chaos. But, Kate did not. She returned home to the surprise of her life.

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And when she saw it, she just could not believe it. Somehow Miles managed to watch the kids and renovate he and his wife's bedroom. And she did not suspect a thing. He worked really hard.

Even after putting the kids to sleep, he continued to work on his project throughout the night. From moving all of the furniture out of the room, and pulling up the old, dated carpet, to installing beautiful new curtains, he did it all! He even made a DIY upholstered headboard!

Kate cried as soon as she saw her newly renovated bedroom. She was stunned!! Everything looked amazing and it is hard to believe it was all done in one weekend all while watching three children!

WATCH: Husband Surprises Wife With A Fully Renovated Bedroom

Credit: Rumble/MilesBoyer

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