Husband Takes His Late Wife To Lunch Everyday

Clarence lost his beloved wife four years ago but he still goes on a romantic lunch date with her every day. He still loves her after all these years and theirs is a story you have to hear.

Clarence and Carolyn shared a love deeper than what you will ever hear about in a Shakespeare Poem. The people who knew the couple all agree that the two of them adored each other more than they ever witnessed from two people. Clarence's fire for his wife never left.

Even though she passed away four years ago, his still revolves his life around loving her. The love that the two of them shared throughout their 64-year marriage continues on. Clarence says that Carolyn is the perfect wife. And you can tell that he is still so devoted to her.

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When she was alive, one of their daily routines was going to one of the local diners six days out of the week for a lunch date. Clarence still attends his lunch and brings a picture of his beautiful wife right along with him. He sits right across from her pictures as he eats his meal.

He begins each day visiting her at the cemetery. There is a picture of Carolyn on her headstone that the 93-year old man bends down to kiss first thing in the morning. Throughout the day he stops by her gravesite and before he heads home at the end of every day he makes one last trip.

His home is still filled with admiration for Carolyn. It is like a monument of their love. And if you are lucky enough to run into Clarence at one of his lunches he will tell you their story and even offer you a photo of his beloved wife. He just wants the world to know about the greatest woman who ever lived. It is so rare for people to find a love so deep, so that is what makes their love story so amazing. Do you know anyone with a love story like this?

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Credit: Youtube/CBS Sunday Morning

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