Husband Surprised His Wife With A Puppy For Her 40th Birthday

godupdates surprise puppy for 40th birthday

Wouldn't you love to get a surprise puppy for your birthday? I know I would be so excited if someone gave me a puppy for my birthday!

It is Michelle's 40th birthday and her husband Spencer wanted to give her a birthday present that was absolutely special. And he totally outdid himself with this one. He got her a 13-week-old Labrador Elsie as a present.

Spencer wrapped a pink bow and a pink balloon around the little doggy's neck. He and the puppy waited for the birthday girl in the kitchen so that they could surprise her. Spencer called for his wife to come into the kitchen and when she saw what he was holding on to, she stopped in her tracks.

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She could not believe what she was seeing! "Happy Birthday! I love you so much", Spencer said to his wife. He chuckled a bit because Michelle could not believe that he was not joking. And then it all hit her and she began to cry. She was so overwhelmed! You can tell that this was the best gift for her!

Michelle got down on her knees to hug her new puppy and she just could not stop crying. Spencer even teared up a little bit at how happy the surprise made his wife! He wins all the brownie point for being a great husband!

WATCH: Wife Gets A Surprise Puppy For Her Birthday

Credit: Youtube/Caters Clips

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