Country Superstar Luke Bryan Opens up About the Death of His Brother

godupdates luke bryan opens up about brothers death

Country singer, Luke Bryan was really transparent in a recent interview. Though he has an extremely successful music career, he suffered great losses and in the interview, he shares the most significant ones- The loss of his brother and his sister.

godupdates luke bryan opens up about brothers death

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In an interview for Good Morning America, the whole entire world got the chance to get an inside scoop on the life of the famous country music star. Luke takes us on a tour of his farm, introduces us to his family, and even shows us a few of his chickens. He is super open about the detail so his life, especially about one thing in particular.

In the interview, he opens up about the death of his brother. When his brother died, Luke was just beginning his music career. His plans were to move to Nashville to pursue music.

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He had everything he needed for his move, but once his brother got killed in a car accident, his plans came to a halt. For a while, Luke delayed his plans because he was so depressed about losing his brother. But his dad encouraged him to keep going and pursue his dreams.

godupdates luke bryan opens up about brothers death

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Shortly after Luke got his first record deal, something tragic happened again. His sister passed away unexpectedly. He was very devastated, but it showed him the reality of how fragile life is. It helped him grow in faith and that is how his family got through the difficult times.godupdates luke bryan opens up about brothers death

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"I think with everything that's happened in my family, I just have to lean on my faith and the understanding that God has a plan for all of us", Luke said to People.

He gave so much encouragement on dealing with a loss of a loved one and how to honor their legacy. From growing up as a child, to raising his own, family has always been so important to Luke. So, having lost his brother and sister is something that still impacts him to this very day. But he is certain that through enjoying his life, he is honoring their legacy and inspires others to do the same.

WATCH: Luke Bryan Talks About His Siblings

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