Little Boy Talks To Baby Sibling In Mommy’s Belly But Didn’t Expect The Baby To Respond

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This big brother had a priceless reaction when he was talking to his baby sibling in his mommy's belly. He did not know how to respond but what he did was so hilarious.

It is every child's dream to have a little brother or sister. Cassidy's son is about to get his wish because she has another bun in the oven! And he is so excited about it.

Cassidy was laying on the bed with her oldest son who is so thrilled to be a big brother. She is expecting another baby and her son wanted to have quality time with his new sibling in her belly. So, He lays right next to his mommy and interacts with the baby. He starts talking to his sibling, staring very closely at his mommy's tummy.

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Things looked as though they were going well, the two are definitely going to get along pretty great. The big brother was pointing at Cassidy's tummy, laughing, and smiling. But he never expected for his baby sibling to respond. Then suddenly the baby moved right after the big brother chuckled in delight.

And it completely shocked the little boy! The expression on his face was so hilarious. He opened his eyes so wide, he could not believe what just happened! The big brother-to-be was so shocked, that quality time was officially over and he quickly backed away from the belly.

Cassidy laughed so hard. She was so taken back by her son's reaction and could not stop laughing. It's a good thing she got in on video. The internet is eating it up!

WATCH: Big Brother Shocked After Talking To Baby Sibling

Credit: Facebook/Cassidy Patterson

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