Dog Reunites With The Lady Who Saved His Life In A Heartwarming Moment

Ollie’s foster mom saved his life but then he found a permanent home and the two parted ways. But then this adorable puppy got a chance to reunite with his foster mom and it was a precious reunion you don’t want to miss.

Candice is the proud owner of six dogs and she has fostered over one hundred of them. To say that she loves dogs is a huge understatement. Her house is always full of them! She is really good at nursing dogs back to health. She gives them the care that they need so that they can be adopted. And that's exactly what she did for little Ollie.

When Ollie was just a baby, he was in a shelter and no one wanted him. He was born with crooked legs and a terrible skin condition. No one claimed him, so Candice took him in before it was too late.

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Ollie did require a lot of care, but it was not too much for Candice. She had to bath him every day to treat his skin. She would lather him up with medicine and coconut oil to keep his skin from being irritated and itchy. Candice had to put PJ's on him so that the other dogs would not lick the oil from Ollie's body.

Because of all the love and attention Candice gave him, Ollie's skin got all better and he was able to walk properly. He grew up to be big and strong! He was adopted into a family that later invited Candice over to see Ollie. Ollie immediately ran to the door when he saw Candice. And they had the sweetest reunion!

WATCH: Adorable Puppy Reunited With Foster Mom

Credit: Facebook/TheDoDo

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