Every Year Her Dad Thanks Her For Being A Brat Because It Saved His Life

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It is not always a good thing to be a brat, but it was for Kim on a day that impacted the world. Her bratty behavior saved her dad’s life.

When Kim was in high school, she lived in New York. In New York, you can not drive until you are 17 years old. So, even though Kim was a senior, she was only 16 years old. So she had to take the bus. She felt that she was not cool in high school for many other reasons, but one was that she was too embarrassed always take the bus. So she would ask her dad to drop her off at school on the way to work. On some occasions, he would drop her off and some days he would tell her that he could not.

On one of the most memorable days for Kim, she asked for her dad to drive her to school and he said no he couldn't. For some reason, she just did not want to accept that answer. So, she did something that she never had the nerve to do when he told her ‘no’ before. She waved for the bus driver to keep driving past her house. She purposefully missed the bus and went back inside the house. "Now you gotta drive me to school," she told her dad.

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Her dad was so upset and scolded Kim for her irresponsible decision! He just knew that he was going to miss a very important meeting at his job. He was trying to impress upon her that her actions have an impact on others and that she should not be a brat. But Kim did not care. Even when they arrived at school she got out the car and proceeded as if she did not hear a single thing her dad said to her.

When she got to class and sat at her desk, she noticed the expression on her teacher's face. He then announced to the class that the city was under attack and that someone hit the Twin Towers. Not knowing how to process the news, Kim laughed loudly. Her teacher firmly confronted what appeared to be Kim's lack of sympathy by telling her that so many people lost their lives.

Kim's mind began to race. Her dad just started a new job and he was rushing downtown to his meeting. And then it clicked that her dad's new job was on the 75th floor of one of the towers that were now burning to the ground. But before she can panic, her dad called her on her cell phone. He told her that he was okay and that he was on his way to pick her up.

When he picked her up, he held her hand the whole way home and they drove in silence. Once they got home, he told her that she made him late for his meeting. So, he did not go to his office in the North Tower like he was supposed to. Instead, he went to the other job site in another borough in New York. If it were not for Kim being a brat that morning, he would have been in the towers when the plane hit. What a powerful story!

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