Dog’s Reaction To Soldier Coming Home After Year Of Military Training Tugs On Every Heartstring

dog's reaction to soldier coming home

This dog’s reaction to his soldier coming home after nearly a year of basic training is giving the Internet all the feels!

When a loved one serves in the military, it requires a lot of sacrifices on both sides.

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For the enlisted, they are away from their families, missing out on important events like birthdays, holidays, and births. For the families, they feel the absence of their loved one each and every day.

And that includes fur babies, too!

While adults are at least able to understand the sacrifices that come with military service, the loved one’s absence can be much tougher for children and pets. And that’s what makes this dog’s reaction to his soldier coming home so powerful!

Soldier Returns After Basic Training

A video originally shared on Reddit has since gone viral because it shows the touching moment a soldier and her dog reunite.

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The female soldier in the video has been away at basic training for nearly a year. And when it came time to go home, she couldn’t wait to see her beloved fur baby.

But it’s the dog’s reaction to his soldier coming home that really makes this video. As the soldier crouches down to say hi, her pup isn’t hit with the instant recognition everyone was expecting.

In fact, he seems confused and even a bit scared of the “stranger” before him. It must have been a heartbreaking couple of minutes for the soldier who’d undoubtedly been counting down to this very moment for so long.

But then, something truly beautiful happens.

Once the pup settles long enough to let his forgotten mama love on him, he suddenly remembers who she is. And it’s impossible not to tear up at the dog’s reaction the second he realizes the soldier before him is the beloved human he’s been missing for months!

WATCH: Dog’s Reaction To Soldier Coming Home

The dog’s disbelief instantly turns into sheer joy. And it’s so heartwarming to behold!

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We are so grateful for this woman’s service to her country. And we’re so glad the cameras were rolling to capture the incredible moment she and her fur baby reunited!

h/t & Featured Image: Facebook/Reddit/u/jiberger17