World’s ‘Ugliest’ Rescue Dog Finds Her Loving Forever Home

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Danielle was looking for a dog to adopt. She looked for several months and could not find the right dog until she found the ugliest rescue dog.

She knew that she wanted to adopt a senior dog, and when she found Bridgette she knew that she was just the one she had been looking for. Aside from being an older dog, Bridgette is not the typical "first pick". Bridgette was an ugly dog that no one wanted or loved well. But when Danielle found her, she was given the love of a lifetime. And her friends thought that she was completely crazy!

When Bridgette was adopted at 8 years old, she was terrified. There was a lot of little things that she did not know how to do. She was not trained to go up the stairs. She did not like to socialize at all and when guests came, she just ran to hide under the bed and stayed there until everyone left.

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It took about 2 years for Bridgette to come out of her shell. And when she did, she and Danielle built a relationship like no other. They two of them are best friends. Bridgette is 17 years old now and even though she has a ton of medical issues, her mom keeps her busy and active.

Water and laser therapy helps her stay in shape. Bridgette doesn't like to play much. She just enjoys hanging out with Danielle. The two of them are always by each other's side.

WATCH: Ugliest Rescue Dog Found Loving Home

Credit: Youtube/TheDodo

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