Animal Rescue Team Takes Extreme Measures In A Dramatic Dog Rescue

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For this rescue team, operations are not always as easy as they appear. They may even call for extreme measures, just like this dramatic dog rescue.

An animal rescue team got a call to rescue a homeless dog. The dog showed signs of previous abuse. She was so skittish and not trusting of everyone. It was very hard to catch her. So the team had to come up with a strategic plan.

Their first strategy was to put out a trap. They placed the cage on the side of the road and tried to lure the stray dog in. The plan seemed to work, as the homeless canine crept closer and closer to the cage. She was so curious about the cage, that she actually found herself inside the cage. She was exactly where they wanted her, but as the cage door closed, the little dog outsmarted it and got away!

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The team was running out of options. Every strategy did not seem to work with this one. So, they decided to resort to grabbing her with their bare hands. This is not a preferred method, but the rescue team had no other choice. Most stray dogs get really frantic when they are touched by people, so they knew that they were in for a very dramatic mission.

When one of the rescuers spotted her again, he tried to bait her by giving her something to eat. She was unsure of him but was so hungry, that she did not turn down food. When she got close enough, he acted quickly and grabbed her. It made her so upset to be tricked, but he had to do what he had to do to save her. He was not hurting her, but she was so scared of being harmed. She put up such a huge fuss! She barked, cried, and tried to fight away.

The rescuers were able to get her in a cage and to their facilities to get her all cleaned up. They bathed her, and loved her, and tried to earn her trust. Opal was placed in a foster home and now she is all ready to be adopted!

WATCH: Dramatic Dog Rescue

Credit: Youtube/Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel

Source: Youtube/Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel

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