Man Shares The Question His Birth Mother Asked That Changed His Life

Man Reunites With His Birth Mother After The Death Of His Adoptive Mom

Stan knew he was adopted but he never really had much interest in finding anything out about his birth mom. Stan always felt the love and support of his adoptive mom was enough. That was until she passed, and something inside of Stan made him wonder about his other mom, his birth mom. After Stan had lay his adoptive mom to rest he started the search for his birth mother. Stan was able to get his birth certificate and from that he had his mom's name, Ellen Brooks.

Man Reunites With His Birth Mother After The Death Of His Adoptive Mom


With that he set out to the Internet to try and find his mom. He found a marriage license that seemed to be her and it had a phone number, so he decided to call. He figured this was not the kind of message you leave on an answering machine so he called until she picked up. After confirming that this was the woman he was looking for he told her he was his son. With so many things rushing through her head she paused and asked him the most important question she could think of "Are you happy?" He said yes, and the two started talking, catching up on lost time. They were able to bond over Stan's musical ability, something his adoptive mother appreciated but could never truly understand. Stan played him mom his music and she heard the cries of his heart through those tunes. And thankfully after some time Stan was able to play those songs in person for his mom.

Stan pictured above with his birth mother, adoptive mother, and aunt who helped raise him

Their story is so beautiful, but the one thing that truly stands out is that first question Ellen asked Stan, "Are you happy?" Giving up a child is never an easy decision but she did what she thought was the best thing for Stan. And it was as if that one question was her was of saying "Did I do the right thing?" You know that hearing Stan say "yes" had to be such a powerful moment for Ellen. She had done something so difficult all for the baby she loved and finally years later she knew it had been the right thing. This story is so powerful! God bless this mother and son as they start their journey together as a family.

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