Neighbors Turn Street Purple Just Before A Sick Girl Heads To Heaven

7-year-old Kayleigh McClendon didn’t get to see Christmas. At least not from here on earth. But what she did get to see before leaving for Heaven was humanity at its finest. The entire neighborhood came together to honor the sick little girl by decking the street with purple lights — Kayleigh’s favorite color. And it was just in time.

The Significance Of Purple Lights

Kayleigh was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she turned seven. Try as they might, doctors just weren’t able to treat the cancer.

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Unsure of how much time they had left with their little girl, Kayleigh’s parents decided to decorate early for Christmas. But instead of the traditional colors, they used purple lights. It’s Kayleigh’s favorite color. But more than that, it’s the color that represents brave Kayleigh's fight with terminal brain cancer.

“For a 7-year-old she’s been tough through all of it. Pokes and prods and tests, and she did every single MRI and CT without sedation. And even for adults, that’s a huge deal,” said her dad. “It blows me away. . . the support we’ve had around us.”

When the neighbors found out what the McClendon family was doing, the whole street chipped in. Within hours, the local stores had sold out of purple lights.

No one knew how long Kayleigh had when they started decorating. But it didn’t matter. Be it a day, a week or several months, everyone was determined to make sure the little girl got the purple Christmas of her dreams.

They covered the entire street in purple lights in honor of the special little girl.

“I think they’ll know, before they get here, they’ll know, OK, we’re on Kayleigh’s street,” her dad said.

God’s Perfect Timing

As it turns out, the incredible act of kindness took place just in time. Just a few weeks after the neighborhood rallied together to decorate, Kayleigh left to be with the Lord.

Her mom wrote on Facebook:

“At 10:05 this morning our precious girl slipped from earth to eternity. Oh how our hearts are broken. There are no words for the hurt. The void. Yet even now, at our darkest, our God is good.

God granted Kayleigh perfect, beautiful peace. She was not in pain. She was wrapped tightly in my arms with her Daddy by her side as she gently drew her last breath. God was so good to spare us from watching her struggle. And is she is in heaven. Dancing. Twirling. Laughing. Beautiful. Whole. Healthy.”

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This faithful family continues to rely on God for strength during this difficult time. We will continue to pray that they find peace in this difficult time. What a blessing that one of the last things Kayleigh got to see was people coming together in kindness.

Gone But Not Forgotten — 2019 Update

Though Kayleigh passed in 2016, her memory still very much lives on today. Her family and community miss her every day but take comfort in knowing she’s perfectly healed in Heaven.

h/t: WAFF News

Featured Image Credit: Facebook / WAFF News