An Accident Left This Kitty With No Face But She’s Loved Just As She Is

Chase had a rough start to life. At just 4 weeks old, a car unintentionally hit the stray kitten in 2005. And while the accident left Chase horribly disfigured, it also led this cat with no face to a family who loves her just the way she is!

A Terrible Accident

The fact that Chase survived the accident is a miracle. Still, she was in pretty rough shape when a stranger found her. He immediately took the injured kitten to a vet clinic. The Good Samaritan wasn’t prepared to keep Chase. But he did make a sizable donation to help with her care.

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The accident broke Chase’s back leg and “squished” her face. Her leg required amputation. Eventually, the kitten’s face essentially fell off due to the trauma from the accident. She went through two rounds of plastic surgery in an effort to help. But both attempts failed.

Despite her traumatic start to life, this little kitty has the sweetest nature. And Chase’s amazing personality soon scored her a loving home. One of the employees at the clinic took the cat with no face home, where she is absolutely adored by her family.

A Loving Home

Being a cat with no face does carry a few special medical needs. For example, her owners administer medicated eye drops several times a day to keep her eyes moist. But this furry angel is in no pain, and lives a completely “normal” life with the humans she loves.

“She does everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, that any other cat would do,” her owner explained. “She eats cat food, jumps on chairs (perhaps not as high of a chair), runs around the house at 2am meowing, attacks flies, plays with ribbons, grooms herself, sleeps on couches, under tables, on the computer keyboard. The list could go on and on.”

Chase, The Cat With No Face

This special cat loves and is loved by her humans dearly. Whatever Chase is lacking in facial features, she more than makes up for in heart!

“That's when you notice she is extraordinary in a wonderful way, because not only does she do everything ‘any normal cat’ would do, but she does so much more,” her owner went on to say. “She gives kisses to anyone who walks in her path, she snuggles with any animal that will allow her (used to sleep with sick animals in their crates while she was a ‘vet cat'), she allows her human siblings to dress her up and doesn't mind, she brightens our lives and our days. She really is such a wonderful, sweet little soul.”

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So, while Chase may look different than other kitties, she’s the perfect example that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. God used the traumatic accident to put this furry angel right where she belongs!


Credit: Chase No Face