Deformed Kitty Left For Dead Gets A Second Chance Thanks To 7-Year-Old

Things didn’t look good for Gülümser, a stray kitten with a deformed face. She was riddled with infection, living on the streets between trash cans. No one would help her because of the kitten’s shocking appearance. But then a 7-year-old girl with a huge heart laid eyes on Gülümser. Instead of fear or disgust, she felt compassion. And her love has transformed this kitten in more ways than one!

It must have been God that led the 7-year-old girl to this poor kitty on the streets of Istanbul. Because when she heard the kitten’s cries, she did what no one else would. She stopped to help!

A Second Chance For Kitten With A Deformed Face

The little girl took the kitty with a deformed face home. Rather than feeling repulsed by her deformities, she and her family were determined to help in any way they could. They named the kitten Gülümser, which means “she who always smiles.”

She and her parents rushed poor Gülümser to the vet. Severe infections were to blame for the stray’s facial deformities. She was in terrible shape, and it was going to take a miracle to save her.

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But Gülümser had something she’d never had before — love. And it made all the difference in the world. The veterinary staff did all they could to help her, and the little warrior did her part in fighting to survive.

Surrounded by people who cared, the kitten with a deformed face made a miraculous recovery!

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Credit: YouTube/Viktor Larkhill

The medical staff nursed Gülümser back to health, and then surgically repaired her face as much as was possible. She still doesn’t have an upper lip or left ear, but she has a loving family who was by her side every step of the way!

Watch Gülümser’s amazing transformation in the video below:



h/t: Love Meow

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Viktor Larkhill

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