Widower Didn’t Want to Face the Holidays Alone, Then He Left This Note

Widower Didn't Want to Face the Holidays Alone, Then He Left This Note _ godupdates

It’s a joyous holiday time for many. But for those who have lost loved ones, live alone, or are in care facilities the holidays can be really difficult.

With most Christmas advertisements and store decorations aimed at families, it leaves a vast hole for those who are without significant others to share in the merriment.

Such was the case for a German widower who found himself facing the holidays alone. Deciding that enough was enough, he placed a simple note on the community board at the grocery store. His note was full of hope that maybe in that busy shopping center someone would find his note and offer their friendship at the holidays.

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His note was simple and direct:

“Where can a lonely pensioner and widower find a place in a small group for Christmas?” (translated from German)


A fellow shopper, Lisa, saw his note. Realizing that it was not a joke, she decided to do something about it. Lisa took a photo of the note and posted it on social media. She hoped that more people in the area would see it and hopefully this lonely widower’s holiday wish would come true.

In her post with the photo of the widower’s note, Lisa wrote:

“When I read this, it broke my heart right away.”


Finding Love For The Holidays

She was quickly encouraged by commenters to share the post in various community groups on Facebook. Within a short period of time there were over 6,500 shares! Quickly the offers came pouring in. All from perfect strangers wanting the man to spend the holidays with them and not be alone!

"I never thought there would be so many [responses]. After a certain point, I couldn't keep up with it," Lisa told Stuttgarter Nachrichten

There were so many offers, the sweet widower was a bit overwhelmed. Lisa updated her post frequently. She shared that with each offer she received, she shared with the man. Her last comment explained that he was still deciding which of the many generous offers to consider – but that there were still many days before Christmas and the offers continued to roll in!

We hope he finds a lovely family to join in the holidays with and that they make a valuable long-term friendship!

h/t: Stuttgarter Nachrichten

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