Adorable Little Boy Surprises His Special Girl With A Dinner He Made

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This adorable video will have your heart melting! A precious 3-year-old boy cooks dinner for his special girl and it was a hit!

3-year-old Tydus is teaching us how to make dinner. Not just any dinner, but dinner for a girl! Take some good notes, fellas! Tydus went grocery shopping to get everything he needed. Lasagna and bread are what is on the menu!

When he got home, Tydus realized that he forgot all about the flowers! So he grabbed scissors and ran outside to clip purple flowers from off of the bushes. He got his little table and set the table with his flowers and a candle. This must be a really special girl! Tydus seems to have it all together. He put his lasagna in the microwave and cooked it just right. And then he put the bread into the oven. He got his forks, plates, and cups.

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But there was a little mishap! As Tydus was walking to the table to put his cups on the table, he accidentally dropped one of them on the floor. But that was not a problem. Tydus ran to refill his cup. As he was walking back to the table, he slipped on the puddle of juice! And both cups went flying. Juice spilled everywhere!

He cleaned his mess, refilled his cup, and this time, he walked so carefully to the table. He did not make a mess this time! Tydus did such a great job! Now that his dinner is all ready, he waits for his special girl.

The doorbell rang, and when Tydus went to go answer the door. And to our surprise, it was his mama! She was so excited to see that he made dinner for her. It was the sweetest thing!

WATCH: Precious 3-Year-Old Boy Cooks Dinner For His Mama

Credit: Youtube/Trav and Cor

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