Mom Could Not Stop Crying After Opening Her Christmas Present

godupdates surprise quilt for parents

These parents were given a surprise quilt for Christmas and their reaction to it was priceless. You have got to see how thankful they were for their gift!

Sometimes we underestimate how appreciative our parents can be of the gifts that we give them. Trina had no idea how much her mom would appreciate her Christmas gift until this happened. Trina sat her parents down for them to open their Christmas present. She had them read the card first before opening their box.

In the note, she told them that she had been working on the gift for just about two years. Trina let them know that it is not even done yet, but what she got done so far took a lot of hard work. She said that she never worked harder on a gift in her entire life.

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She really hopes that they love it and by her mom's reaction, she knew they did. Her mom did not even get the gift completely out of the box yet and she was already weeping. She pulled out a quilt that Trina handmade for her parents. But it was not just any quilt.

The quilt was made out of all of her and her siblings baby clothes. It meant so much to her parents. It holds so many memories from when their children were just wee-little babies. The more she recognizes patterns, the more she cries with so much joy. Trina does not know how to quilt.

She wanted to make something special, so she watched Youtube videos to learn how to make a quilt for her parents. Her mom quilts often so she knows how much work and dedication went into making it. So it meant so much to her. It was such a beautiful gift and she will surely treasure it forever.

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