Couple Struggled With Infertility And Found Out They Were Having Two Babies, Now Their Home Needs Renovations

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Brian and Megan wanted to have a baby for a while. But they have been struggling with infertility for years.

They have prayed to one day have a baby. And their prayers were answered when they found out that they were pregnant with twins. Brian's younger brother Clay wanted to help them prepare for the babies that will be here any day now.

So, he reached out to designers to help transform their space into a home perfect for a family. Brian and Clay have always had a very close relationship, so it is no surprise that he wanted to him his brother and his wife in a big way like this. Brian and Megan moved into their house two years ago.

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The house is an older home and since they have moved in, they have been doing minor repairs and projects to fix it up a little bit. Now that Megan is pregnant, they are not able to handle the minor repairs that need to get done. So, Clay decided to help out.

The kitchen is really small, the dining and family room is not as spacious as it could be. So, Clay wanted to pay special attention to those three rooms. The team did not cut any corners when it came down to the remodeling. They tore down several walls, relocated the sink, add counter space, and so much more.

Brian and Megan did not know what was going on back at their home. They had to completely trust Clay's opinion and the design team's abilities. And it is a good thing that they did because everything turned out beautiful! They got everything done just in time for the new parents to adjust back into their home. And boy are they are so excited to show off their newly renovated home!

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