Couple Battles Infertility For Years And Then Christmas Brings Them Triplets

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Last Christmas, Claire Midwinter and husband Matt were beginning to believe they would never have kids. But they’re celebrating this Christmas with triplets!

When Claire and Matt, both cops, decided to start a family, they never imagined the challenges they’d face. Doctors couldn’t pinpoint a specific reason Claire wasn’t conceiving.

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“Doctors had diagnosed our infertility as unexplained after all the fertility tests we could imagine,” Claire said.

Claire tried changing her lifestyle — losing weight and watching what she ate. But nothing seemed to help. For four years the couple tried to get pregnant with no success.

Eventually, they turned to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). But it crushed them when the first round failed.

Reluctantly, they decided to give IVF one last try, as another Christmas came and went without children. But they didn’t really expect this time to be any different. The desolate couple began to believe they’d never have kids.

But God sure had a special surprise in store for them!

“We said last New Year’s Eve, ‘I wonder what we’ll be doing this time next year?’ We never imagined we’d have triplets just a few months later,” Claire said.

Christmas With Triplets

But the New Year brought big news — this IVF treatment was a success!

“In January, we got everything we’d ever wanted and more,” Claire recalled. “We were over the moon to see the positive pregnancy test.”

But the news got even better. Claire and Matt weren’t having just one baby, but three!

“After having two embryos inserted, we hoped at least one would work, we never imagined one would split and we’d end up with three babies,” Claire says of the joyous moment.

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The pregnancy went smoothly, and the couple welcomed their three beautiful miracles in August — Ella, Tamara, and Aria. The healthy little girls were home two weeks later.

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Claire and Matt happily adjusted to life with three little ones. And now, the overjoyed couple looks forward to celebrating Christmas with triplets!

“Last Christmas it was just the two of us and now we’re a family of five, it’s crazy,” Claire marveled.

Not only will December 25 mark the first Christmas as a family of 5, but the triplets will turn four months. And this year will certainly be very different than last year.

“This Christmas is definitely extra special for us and even though we’ve tried to be sensible, there’s no doubt the triplets will be spoilt,” Claire says.

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This beautiful family certainly has many blessings to celebrate. Sometimes it’s hard to see the purpose while we’re waiting, but God is always one time!

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