Kids Christmas Dream Finally Comes True After Waiting For Five Years

godpdates surprise puppy for christmas

It's Christmas morning and these kids did not expect to wake up to the gift of their dreams! Their parents finally gifted them with a surprise puppy for Christmas, after they had been asking for the past five years.

Every child's dream is to get a puppy for Christmas. That was certainly the case for these kids. For five years in a row, they begged for their parents to get them a puppy for Christmas. Last year they even tried to persuade them. They made a power point presentation to show their parents why having a dog is a good idea. But their parents would not budge at all until this Christmas.

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Making their kid’s dreams come true, they hid the puppy until a big box all wrapped up. They called the kids into the room so that they can open up their present. The kids had no clue about what was inside, but they worked together to lift the box.

That is when they saw what was underneath. A brand-new puppy! They were so shocked and overwhelmed! They immediately began to cry tears of joy. Their son could not believe it! He jumped up in the air and then he had to ask if they got a dog, just to be sure

You hear dad crying with them because I am sure he did not expect for them to be that excited. After all these years, they finally got exactly what they wanted. It definitely is a Christmas that they would never forget.

WATCH: Parents Give Kids A Surprise Puppy For Christmas

Credit: Facebook/Love What Matters

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