Family Got A New Puppy After Losing Their Beloved Dog In A House Fire

godupdates surprise puppy after house fire

Ashley Sylvia and her family had a very traumatic year because of a house fire. They lost everything, including their beloved dog, Flash.

Thankfully, the Sylvia family did not experience any physical harm. But they were so traumatized by having to watch a firefighter carry the body of their lifeless dog out from the blazing fire. Their dog, Flash, was a very special. He was part of the family, so they would never be the same without him.

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It was so difficult to try to adjust to life with Flash not around. The fire changed everything for them. It caused over $325,000 worth of damages and caused them to lose a very important part of their lives. They were able to get their house renovated within six months of the tragic event. But even with being back in their home, it felt like something huge was missing.

Flash left a huge void and Ashley came up with just the thing to make their lives a little normal again. So, one day while her three children were sitting down eating their meal and watching television, their dad came in carrying a puppy in his arms. Two of their kids started crying as soon as they saw him!

The new puppy’s name is, "Teddy" and he is a dachshund, just like Flash was. They are so thrilled to welcome a new member into their family. They wanted a new dog so badly and they just could not believe it!

WATCH: Family Got New Puppy After House Fire

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