Kids Who Put Their Own Twist On Christmas

There is nothing like seeing the joy on the faces of little ones around Christmas time. Whether it is opening presents or listening to the story of Jesus’ birth, kids always have a special twinkle in their eye at Christmas time. And these precious kids are putting their own special stamp on Christmas. These have to be 4 of our favorite kid at Christmas videos.

#4 Kids Who Know The Christmas Story…Kind Of

These sweet kids tried to tell the story of Christmas using their own words… and the result was just too cute not to share. God bless all of these children (and we hope their parents fill them in on the facts)!

#3 Kids Who Tell The Nativity Story In The Most Beautiful Way

An Unexpected Christmas is a special story about the birth of Jesus Christ, as told by children. Their sweet voices and this beautiful setting truly bring new life to the nativity story. And we think it’ll bring a big smile to your face this holiday season.

#2 Sweet Little Boy Just Trying To Help

When this sweet little boy noticed Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus outside in the front yard, he decided to take matters into his own hands. This sweet little guy was worried that baby Jesus would get cold. So, he carried each piece of the nativity into the house. How adorable is this little guy’s heart?

#1 Cuties Who Are Truly Grateful

This dad decided to give his kids ordinary foods disguised as Christmas presents to teach them about being grateful. But when they opened their banana and onion their reactions really surprised him. It looks like this dad already taught them all they need to know. How sweet are they?

Credit: Youtube, Rumble

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