Police Officers Join Secret Santa In Helping The Community

It has been a hard year for the people of Texas. But a Secret Santa visits Texas to restore hope this Christmas.

Every Christmas, an anonymous businessman travels around the country to hand out $100 bills to random strangers. He has no other motive except to give and bring joy to people who may be having a hard time. His first stop this year is to Beaumont, Texas.

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The tragic Hurricane Harvey left neighborhoods in an awful condition. So many people are still dealing with the aftermath of the devastation. With Christmas right around the corner, families are having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. They don't have enough money for presents, their homes are still in complete ruin so there is no place to even put up a Christmas tree. Times are tough and Secret Santa is giving the gift of joy.

He came up with the idea to partner with the local police department to bring recognition to how heroic the officers were during the rough year. Secret Santa says that the greater gift is in the feeling he gets in knowing he is making a difference. That is something that he wanted to share with the police officers.

The police officers walked around town delivering $100 bills with Secret Santa. The look on everyones’ faces was priceless when they see one of the officers pull out a 100 bill to hand to them. People who thought that they would not be able to buy gifts for their children now have the means to do so. Secret Santa and the police officers visited houses, grocery stores, and offices. They really shared well needed Christmas cheer!

WATCH: Secret Santa Visits Texas To Help People

Credit: Youtube/CBS Sunday Morning

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