These Police Officers Humbly Served Hundreds

Police Officers’ Act of Kindness Caught On Camera!

Adventure. Excitement. New places and faces. These are some of the great things that can come from traveling.

But let's face it. . .travel can also be extremely frustrating! When things go wrong, they always seem to go really, really wrong — leaving you desperate to just get home. And that's exactly how over a hundred passengers in a New Jersey airport were feeling when bad weather canceled their flight.

It was late Sunday night, and food and transportation was not available at this hour. Tired and hungry, the airline had only cookies to offer in the way of food. And that was NOT going to cut it!

Suddenly, the passengers' prayers were answered! Pizzas appeared seemingly from nowhere. And how those pizzas arrived would have remained a mystery if it were not for the surveillance footage that uncovered 2 police officers coming to the rescue! Out of the kindness of their hearts, state troopers Mark Adotta and Joe Mercurio ordered 15 pizzas, for which they paid for out of their own pocket.

Thanks to these 2 humble officers, the stranded travelers could wait out the night with full bellies. And thanks to the discovery of the surveillance footage, these troopers received the praise they deserve. They were able to be the hands and feet of Jesus that night, and were surely angels to those hundred plus hungry, tired passengers.

"But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant." Matthew 23:11


h/t: Huffington Post

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images

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