Couple Returns Home To A Surprise From 14 Of Their Adopted Children

godupdates couple adopted fourteen children

Bob and Chris Atherton are one of the most selfless couples around. This couple adopted fourteen children within the forty years they have been married and their children wanted to find a special way to say ‘thank you’.

After Bob and Chris got married, they wanted to grow their family. They knew that adoption was the route that they wanted to take. They were super excited to open up their home and their hearts to children who needed a family as soon as they could. The first children that they adopted were two brothers, named Joe and Josh. And the rest was history.

They adopted children from several different countries like Ethiopia, Korea, India, and Haiti. Every child was different, but each of them were so loved by Bob and Chris. Their house was with so much joy and love. The children knew that their house was their forever home and they never doubted it.

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Their journey has not always been easy though. A lot of their children grew up with health issues. Six of the children were born with heart defects and seven of them were hospitalized for a while. But that did not stop them from loving them and wanting to keep them as part of their family.

Because of Bob and Chris' generous hearts, the children wanted to show their parents that they recognized how much they cared for them. They want to show how grateful they are to their parents. So, they decided to reach out to a professional interior designer to redecorate their family room so it could be a place where they could all enjoy spending time together!

The room was completely gorgeous! And Bob and Chris were so excited to see their surprise. The family room already holds a lot of memories for the family. So it was amazing to see that they were able to keep that special, warm feeling in the room. What a wonderful surprise for incredible people!

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