Little Boy Adorably Reacts To A Christmas Present Full Of Vegetables

Little Boy Receives Vegetables For Christmas_GodUpdates

This adorable little boy seems to be so excited about everything revolving around Christmas. He is so into the idea of receiving presents. To him, it doesn’t matter what the present actually is.

He just enjoys the art of opening and unwrapping any type of gift given to him. During this video, his parents wrap a few household items and put them in a gift bag. They then present the gift to him as a surprise. As soon as this little tike sees that he has a present to open, the biggest grin comes across his face.

Little Boy Receives Vegetables For Christmas_GodUpdates


As he starts unwrapping, he gets more and more excited. His first present happens to be a big head of broccoli. Now, you wouldn’t think that a kid would be excited about receiving a vegetable, but this kid is ecstatic. He even tries to eat the broccoli right there in the living room. Next, he pulls out a banana from the bag and gets even more amazed.

Then, he finds a cucumber in the bag as well. And lastly, he receives a toothbrush. This little boy was beside himself with excitement. He couldn’t wait to eat all of his fruits and vegetables and try out his brand new toothbrush. Seeing how excited he was while opening everything was incredibly refreshing.

Often times kids cringe at the site of produce, so it was nice to see him loving all of it. What a sweet young boy! His parents are definitely doing something right! Raising a kid to love healthy foods isn’t an easy task. It’s so nice to see such a young child grateful for just about anything he receives.

WATCH: Little Boy Excitedly Opens Present

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