Dad’s Conversation With His Angry Little Girl Is Moving

Dad's Conversation With His Angry Little Girl Is Going Viral

Being a parent is never easy. Especially when you are trying to find a way to discipline your kids to tell them behavior is wrong without crushing their spirit. Well this dad has his own take on discipline and it is beautiful.

Dad's Conversation With His Angry Little Girl Is Moving


When this momma saw her husband disciplining their young daughter she secretly hit record because what he was doing was so beautiful she wanted to share it with the whole world. Apparently the father and daughter had been joking around when something this daddy said didn't sit well with his little one. Still be young she lashed out in anger much to everyone's surprise. But instead of yelling this dad plopped her up on the table and they started to talk.

Dad's Conversation With His Angry Little Girl Is Moving


He explained to her that it is okay to get angry, and letting those feelings out is healthy. But you have to find a safe and productive way to do that. Instead of yelling try taking a walk . He encourages her to be true to her feelings but find a way to let them out that doesn't hurt anyone else so that you can communicate your feelings in a calm way. But he didn't stop there. He got down to what started the fight to begin with. He explains to her that he was so sorry he hurt her feelings but that he has no idea he was doing it.

Dad's Conversation With His Angry Little Girl Is Moving


Then he says the most beautiful thing "If I don't know better, I can't do better." Wow what a beautiful thing for him to say. And when you see how this conversation turned an angry little girl right back into a happy kid is truly incredible. I am so glad that this momma recorded this sweet conversation between this loving daddy and his baby girl. Who else wanted hug him?

Watch this dad’s conversation with his angry daughter.


One Of The Most Powerful Conversations In My Life

“I think I just watched and listened to one of the most powerful conversations in my life…

This man right here. His ability to connect, and to speak from the heart ❤ Open & honestly…

I fell in love with him before we had our girls, but moments like this make me fall even more in love with him…

We connect on this level; and my heart explodes when he connects to his girls like this… 💥 ❤

No yelling. No screaming.

Talking. Discussing emotions and why we have such feelings. HEALTHY outlets (walking, running, punching a pillow, etc)…

Getting down to the root of the problem. Setting boundaries, because feelings were upset. RESPECTING boundaries, to ensure it doesn’t occur again…

Parenting which neither of us had growing up. Listening ears as little ones speak. Knowing you are still loved no matter what. Knowing you are enough, always…

Our goals as parents are to ensure they do not endure what we did as children…

I am so blessed, and so thankful to have this man as my other half. Our girls are blessed to have him as their father. Thank you Randy Gaines for being you!” ❤😘😍💍💑👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🌟

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