Truck Driver Dad Spends The Day ‘Babysitting’ For His Little Girl!

Awesome Trucker Dad Spends The Day ‘Babysitting’

Trent McCain, who owns the Kansas trucking company McCain Trucking & Harvesting, is up early each morning, ready to put in a long day of hard work. But recently, this trucker dad was given some extra duties when his precious 9-year-old daughter, Joselyn, asked him to watch her baby doll for the day. And there was no way this devoted father was about to let his little angel down!

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Credit: Facebook / McCain Enterprises

Like most little girls, Joselyn has many dolls. But “Abbie” is by far her favorite. And Joselyn informed Trent one night that Abbie “really wanted to go trucking with Grandpa.”

He figured little Joselyn would forget this request by the next morning. Well, she didn’t!

So, this loving dad agreed to let little Abbie spend the day with “Grandpa.”

Of course, this trucker dad decided to have some fun with it as well!

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Credit: Facebook / McCain Enterprises

Throughout the day, Trent posted photos of Abbie’s trucking adventures on Facebook, so that Joselyn, who was spending the day at the neighbor’s house, could keep an eye on things.

And like any mom, you best believe Joselyn was checking in on her baby!

“She’s very much a little mother hen, as you can tell with Abbie,” laughs Jodi, Joselyn’s mom.

When Trent and Abbie took a break from loading wheat, the protective mama didn’t approve of Grandpa’s mid-morning snack choice of soda and Slim Jims.

And perhaps the long day of hard work could have used a nap or two!

But overall, it was a great day for Abbie and “Grandpa!”

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And one of the biggest highlights was when Trent took Abbie to see “Great Grandpa McCain!”

Needless to say, this trucker dad is a serious contender for “Dad of the Year!”

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The photos were such a hit on Trent’s personal page that he decided to share them on the McCain Enterprises Facebook page, where they promptly went viral. Over 20,000 comments have rolled in, commending Trent on his heartwarming antics with Abbie.

But this sweet daddy was really only interested in impressing one person — Daddy’s girl!

godupdates trucker dad babysits daughter's baby doll

Credit: Facebook / McCain Enterprises

“The righteous who walks in his integrity-blessed are his children after him!” Proverbs 20:7

What a beautiful example of a caring, invested father! Be sure to share this story with someone who could use a smile!

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