Daddy Hilariously Celebrates Putting The Baby To Sleep

godupdates daddy celebrates sleeping baby

It was up to this dad to handle bedtime and he passed with flying colors. This dad’s celebration of his victory was all caught on video, and it is hilarious.

Daddy is on baby duty and it is time for bed. Putting a baby to sleep can be such a difficult task, especially when mommy is not nearby to give those soothing cuddles. That is definitely the case in their household, so, when he finally got the baby to sleep, he was really excited about it. And to celebrate his success, he did the most hilarious thing.

The couple has a baby video monitor in the corner of the baby nursery, so after slowing laying the baby down in the crib, he turned around and bowed at the camera. His wife was not there to tell him he did a good job, but he did not hesitate to give himself kudos.

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He is so funny as the camera continues to record him engaging in a celebratory moment even as he walks out of the room. He pumps his fists and waved his hands in the air. Obviously, he is extremely proud of himself.

Can you imagine his wife's reaction after she sees the recording? I know I would never live that down. It is so funny. Good job, Daddy!

WATCH: Daddy Celebrates Sleeping Baby

Credit: Rumble/Emily_Franklin

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