Terrified Mama Learns To Love And Trust Through Cuddles

godupdates pregnant pitbull found

April the Pit Bull was pregnant and living on the streets when Good Samaritans found her and gave her a second chance.

April was pregnant and all alone when she was rescued. Her foster mom wanted to be able to help her when her babies came because they were due any day. But April was really afraid to be touched and get close to humans. She was sadly terrified of people.

godupdates pregnant pitbull found

Credit: Youtube/The Dodo

Her foster mom was really intentional about gaining her trust. Her foster mom could tell that April probably did not have good interactions with human touch in the past. So, she was careful and patient with her.

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She tried to find ways to bring comfort to the timid dog. And what won her over was some serious cuddle time. So, the two of them cuddled a lot!

And with every hug and snuggle, April grew more and more trusting of her foster mom. All the love and attention April received from her foster mom helped her relax and feel safe so she could just focus on loving her puppies.

She was a great mom to all of her puppies and even gave her sick puppy the special attention he needed to get better. April grew her pups big and strong with the help of her foster mom. And eventually, the puppies were big enough and strong enough to get adopted! April even has a forever home of her own and she has a whole lot more cuddles to look forward to. It’s incredible what a good snuggle can do!

WATCH: Pregnant Pit Bull Found And Learns How To Love

Credit: Youtube/The Dodo

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