Dog Hilariously Stops Feet To Go Back Outside

Dog Stomps Feet To Go Back Outside

This 12-year-old dog named Mya has the funniest personality. When her owner brought her inside to keep her from barking at the neighbor’s cat, Mya got very upset. Mya did not want to be inside and desperately wanted to continue playing in the yard.

In this video, the camera catches her throwing a temper tantrum like a toddler. You can see her stomping her feet in anger while also barking at her owner to go back outside. Mya is very spoiled and is accustom to always getting what she wants whenever she wants it.

But, not this time. Mya loves to use her bark to communicate what she needs. You can clearly hear her begging and pleading with her owner to go back outside. Despite her selfish tendencies, Mya is a complete cuddle bug. Her gentle snuggles make up for her all her silly antics.

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If Mya had things her way, she would be outside 24/7 but unfortunately, due to her barking, that’s just not possible. She can’t help but “talk” to everyone and everything she sees outside. Her owner has tried to train Mya not to bark on numerous occasions but nothing has worked.

Australian Shepherds are known for loving to bark and talk to everyone. I guess it’s just apart of her DNA! Mya has no idea how loud her barking gets, she just thinks she’s having a normal conversation with her owner. What a cutie!

Credit: Rumble

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