Heroic Dog Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice To Save Pregnant Woman

heroic dog saves pregnant woman _ fire _ daisy _ god updates

Visiting Dog Alerts Couple To Blaze Beneath Them

Alex Gibson and Charlotte Perren were sleeping soundly when a fire broke out in the store below their apartment. Their warning came from an unexpected source, a heroic dog named, Daisy.

heroic dog saves pregnant woman _ fire _ daisy _ god updates

credit: GoFundMe

In what happened to be a life saving coincidence, Alex and his pregnant girlfriend, Charlotte, were pet-sitting his mother’s dog the night of the fire. The three-year-old spaniel was quick to alert the couple when smoke began to fill their apartment and bedroom.

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According to the family, Daisy jumped up on the bed, climbed on Charlotte and began pawing and barking to make sure the couple was awake. The fire alarm had not gone off.

Alex told the JC: "Daisy was our hero. It was fate she happened to be staying with us that night. She saved both of our lives and our neighbors."

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After Daisy woke Alex up, he was able to break a window for air. He and Charlotte were then able to find their escape from the smoke-filled apartment and alert others to the danger.

Heroic Dog Gives Life For Others

As they fled, Charlotte picked up Daisy and tried to bring her with them. But the smoke had become so thick that when she tried to cover her mouth to aid breathing, Daisy squirmed from her other arm. Charlotte was unable to find her in the thick smoke. She hoped Daisy would be able to follow them to safety. Alex attempted to find the dog. Due to the smoke and lack of visibility, he fell and broke his toe. The fire had quickly begun to overwhelm the building and the smoke made it impossible to find the heroic dog.

Sadly, when the fire crews found Daisy they tried to revive her but she had already succumbed to smoke inhalation.

An Amazing Sacrifice

Alex’s mother, Sandra, says she is devastated over the loss of Daisy. However, the knowledge that she was able to save Sandra’s son and girlfriend out weighs the sadness.

"If it wasn't for her I would also be saying goodbye to my son and his partner today. She was amazing. She died looking after them both."

The fire was quite intense. More than 95 firefighters and 15 engines were called to put out the blaze. Twenty-five residents were able to find their way free before the fire crews arrived. Five had to be rescued via ladder. Several of those were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment from smoke inhalation.

Overcoming Loss

Alex and many of the residents have lost everything due to the massive fire. Thankfully those in the surrounding community have supported them through this emotionally overwhelming experience.

"We have lost everything. It's all gone. All we've got are the clothes on our back…It's been very traumatic. But the Jewish community, and the community as a whole, has really pitched in and helped us."

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Alex’s occupation is as a DJ. The fire completely took all of his equipment needed to earn a living. His best friend began a GoFundMe account to help victims of the fire. Most of which have been left with literally nothing.

“We have basically got to start from scratch,” Alex told The Standard.

H/T: The Standard

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