Three-Month-Old Baby Girl Does Not Like Daddy’s Taste In Music

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This three-month-old baby does not like when her daddy sings and her response was hilarious. You have got to see it.

This baby seemed to have developed her own taste in music pretty early. Emma was laying down with her mommy and daddy when it all happened. Daddy does not have the same taste in music as mommy does.

And Emma does not like Daddy's music at all. He wanted to sing a song that he liked to Emma in hopes that she would like it just as much. But as soon as he began to sing Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", the look on Emma's little face immediately turned into disdain. The poor baby girl could not hold back the tears! She began to cry. And she just could not take it! She did not like daddy singing one bit.

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Daddy was not offended at all and he chuckled as mommy came to the rescue with a sweet sound that Emma liked a whole lot better. Mommy started to softly sing, "My Girl" by The Temptations. When mommy took over, Emma was all smiles and her tears began to dry up.

But then Daddy tried to sing once more. And Emma started to cry again. It was pretty clear at that point that Emma preferred mommy to sing. Emma's parents do not know if it is Daddy's singing or the song that he wanted to sing that upset Emma. But until they figure it out, they are just going to leave the singing up to Mommy.

WATCH: Daddy Sings And His Little Girl Does Not Like It

Credit: Rumble/Newsflare

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