An Adorable Little Girl Explains The Story Of Easter In The Most Precious And Powerful Way

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This five-year-old little girl explained Easter in the most adorable way. It is amazing how she knows so many facts about this special holiday.

I just love how she knows Easter holds a meaning that is deeper than what most people think it is. And she confidently shares the truth that she knows. You have got to see her explanation.

Her mom is recording her as she stands in her yard, wearing her pink "Hello Kitty" t-shirt. She is so precious, but the fact that she knows the Gospel is what makes her a powerful little girl. She says that some people think that Easter is all about candy, bunnies, and Easter egg hunts. But she addresses that Easter is not all about those things. But it is all about when Jesus died on the cross and resurrected from the dead.

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She explains that Jesus was beaten and spit on and nailed to a cross. It is amazing to me how she knew every detail about when Jesus was buried in the tomb. She even talked about how Mary and "another girl" went to the tomb with perfume to put it on Jesus, but he was not there.

She shared that Jesus was out of the tomb. He told her that he was going to be rising from the dead, but she did not know it was going to really be true. But Jesus told them the truth.

This five-year-old mentioned that Mary thought Jesus' body was stolen, but the Jesus came to talk to her. She was very excited to share all the details about how Mary thought that Jesus was the gardener at first. But then Jesus said her name and she knew it was Jesus right away.

WATCH: Adorable Five-Year-Old Little Girl Explained Easter

Credit: Youtube/pinkfrogtoes

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