Photos Of Adoptive Parents Meeting Their Baby Girl

A Precious Gift

Truth: babies bring joy.

That's because these little bundles are gifts straight from God. Handcrafted by the Creator of the universe Himself.

But the joy and excitement felt by expectant parents is not limited to just those physically carrying God's little miracles. Adoptive parents are just as thrilled. Which is precisely what's so captivating about the following pictures taken by Kristen Anne Photography.

Kristen had the honor of tagging along with her best friend and her husband as they flew to Florida to welcome to the world the sweet baby girl they had adopted.

The anxiousness of waiting in the hospital…the nerves that build as the big moment approaches…and finally the absolute and all-consuming joy of laying eyes for the first time on that sweet face.

Kristen's photos capture it all, as these proud new parents get to meet the incredibly precious Tilly Pearl.


Credit: Kristen Anne Photography

What a true blessing from God! Both for the adoptive parents, but also for this sweet baby girl that now belongs to a loving family. Now, can someone pass the tissues?!

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h/t: ForEveryMom

Featured Image Credit: Kristen Anne Photography