Nurses Surprise Teen With Hospital Dance After Brain Surgery Forces Her To Miss Homecoming

hospital staff created a homecoming dance for 17-year-old cancer patient

A group of medical professionals quickly got to work, going above and beyond when they learned a young patient of theirs was going to miss an important school function due to her hospitalization.

Throughout a child's life, there are several occasions that are immensely important to students. Most of them such as prom, other notable dances and going to school sporting events involve being with and around their friends. Missing or being unable to attend any of those functions can be a severe and devastating blow to a child.

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However, caregivers at the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital for Rehabilitation were not going to allow a hospitalized 17-year-old to miss her homecoming dance. Instead, those individuals got to work and created the special dance and memory for 17-year-old Megan Krafty, according to People.

In early September, doctors found that Megan had a brain tumor. A week later, after making the unfortunate and horrific discovery, Megan underwent surgery on Sept. 12.

After undergoing such a massive and invasive procedure, Megan needed to remain in the hospital for several more days to recover. However, due to her stay in the hospital, Megan would be unable to attend her school's homecoming dance.

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But instead of allowing the teenager to miss the homecoming dance, homecoming came to Megan. Hospital employees got to work and recreated a dance specifically for Megan. The dance was Christmas-themed, Megan's favorite holiday, according to News 5 Cleveland.

The Hospital-Created Homecoming Dance Was All About The 17-Year-Old

“They decorated the gym in a Christmas theme; it was all about her,” Megan’s mother, Jill Krafty said. "It was called ‘ho, ho, homecoming’ last Friday, and I think we were all just so surprised at the care they put into this whole event."

But what would a dance be without other people, right?

Megan's boyfriend, Tommy, attended the Megan-specific homecoming dance. Tommy brought a pink rose and corsage to match the young woman's pink sparkly dress. The happy couple posed for photos, danced and did crafts together, People reports.

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Megan's mother said her daughter was truly grateful and touched by the moving gesture from the caregivers at the Cleveland area hospital.

"Megan loved all the decorations and how much effort they put into making the day special," Jill said.

What a beautiful act of kindness and love from a special group of medical professionals. They refused to let that young woman miss her homecoming dance.

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"Let all you do be done in love."1 Corinthians 16:14

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