He Saved His Baby Sister From Drowning And Their Reunion Afterward Was So Emotional

brother and sister hug after he saved her from drowning in pool

A young man saved his baby sister from drowning in a swimming pool, and their heartwarming and emotional reunion after the scary incident was caught on camera and shared for the world to see.

Life is the most precious and invaluable thing on the face of the Earth. But life can be wiped away and destroyed in an instant, without so much as a moment's notice.

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A video captured and posted on YouTube documents the moments a then-18-year-old, Eric Johnson, and then-2-year-old child, Rose, embrace lovingly. He had saved his sister's life.

Before the incident, which happened two years ago, Eric Johnson, 18, and his mother, Nina, and 2-year-old Rose were at home when the then-18-year-old noticed something, according to Good News Network.

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The young man walked into the residence's living when he spotted a door standing wide open. Adding to the odd scene was that neither Nina nor the 2-year-old child, Rose, were around either. A swift check of the pool resulted in a horrifying discovery: Rose was floating unconscious in the pool.

18-Year-Old Performed CPR, Saved Sister From Drowning

The outlet reports that after coming upon his sister, Eric pulled the child from the pool and began performing life-saving maneuvers on Rose. As Eric was working, trying to rescue his sister, Nina called 911.

Rose had already regained consciousness by the time emergency first responders arrived on the scene, according to the outlet. Rose survived the scary ordeal thanks, in part, to the quick actions of her loving older brother.

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Eric, now 20, and 4-year-old Rose are best of friends, mother Nina happily reports.

"Their relationship is wonderful," Nina said. "They are so close; they cuddle together. They watch TV together. She shouts at him when he annoys her. It's beautiful."

Nina added that she will always, and forever, be grateful for Eric's actions that day.

"Every time I look at him, I think about it," she said. "I don't think he realizes that he didn't just save her life. He saved my life as well. He saved our family's life."

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"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity."Proverbs 17:17

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